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Our Guarantee

Did you know that the auto finance industry remains largely unregulated? If you are a consumer, this can be a very risky thing. Sadly, most people aren't aware of the possible negative impacts of dealing with the wrong financing team. Founded by leaders in the automotive industry, we saw a need for an independently regulated financing service dedicated to protecting the consumer; one that operates with full transparency and doesn't make promises it can't keep. At Ribit we are dedicated to providing a positive, fair, and efficient auto financing experience, from our first conversation with you, to the moment you drive away in your new ride.

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Transparency & Trust

If we say it, we mean it! While other financing firms will make impossible guarantees, we prefer to be completely straight up. While we can help most customers get approved in less than ideal credit situations, there are cases that need a bit more nurturing. Instead of tossing you aside like the other guys, we work with you to develop a clear plan to getting you into the vehicle you need. No matter what your credit situation, we 100% guarantee to get you into your next vehicle.

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Dedicated Advocates

We're here to protect and guide you every step of the way, from our first conversation, to the time you find your next vehicle. Our team of industry experts will break things down into a simple and stress-free process so that you can focus on the fun part - shopping for your new ride!

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Insider Rates

A benefit of being long-time automotive professionals is that we know a great deal when we see one! We'll be sure to negotiate hard on your behalf to ensure that you get the very best deal, which will be much lower than standard market rates. While other "credit solutions" teams will sell you a vehicle at a much higher profit margin, we put a cap on our deals, making sure that you always come first.

 People instinctively know when they're being looked out for. You can feel it when someone truly cares about you. That's why they come back to us again and again.

Kiera Fogg, VP of Customer Experience

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