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Apply for a FREE, no obligation pre-approval
and find out what vehicle you qualify for.

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What Type of Vehicle Are
You Looking For?

This question helps us to get you the best price possible. You can change your mind later.


How It Works

Did you know that if your credit situation is even the slightest bit complicated, most financing departments will push your application to the side?


At Ribit, we believe that you deserve to drive a great vehicle at a great price, regardless of your credit score. It's why we're so passionate about creating a truly customer-centric vehicle shopping experience, from start to finish. With inventory nationwide, our simple and streamlined process allows you to locate the very best deal on a vehicle that suits both your needs and budget. Our team of friendly credit professionals act as your personal shopping agents, advocating aggressively on your behalf.

No Hidden Fees

We don't charge you any additional fees for our services. In fact, because of our exclusive dealership partnerships, our customers have access to major discounts, promotions and incentives that they would not have been granted if they had shopped the deal on their own.

Our Guarantee

100% approvals, 100% of the time. Seriously, we are relentless. If you've had trouble getting a conventional vehicle loan, have a poor or damaged credit history or have endured significant financial hardships, then Ribit may just be the solution you need!


Do you know which vehicle your credit qualifies for? Find out with a free, no obligation credit consultation with a Ribit Agent right now.

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